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Why choose S.D. Exotic Car Rental?

We offer the highest quality car rentals at unbeatable rates!


An exotic car is the essence of California living. Fame, fortune and the ability to turn heads, feel like a celebrity when you rent an exotic car from S.D. Exotics.


Pull up and make a statement with a unique car rental from S.D. Exotics. Nothing says originality more than a 1-of-1 or customized ride!


Looking to rent a car for a photo/video production shoot? Look no further. We carry a wide variety of promotional cars for hourly, daily, or weekly rentals for your special event


Is S.D. Exotics the best San Diego Car Rental?

Rebekah S.

San Diego Exotic Car Rentals is above the rest! They have the newest exotics, and many of their exotics have custom modifications that take them above and beyond. Want to get noticed in San Diego and beyond? Only S.D. Exotics...

Michael A.

Easily the best rental car company I've worked with. They always have the best and most complete selection of cars in the business and a very friendly and helpful staff. If you have any issues with your rental they will gladly help without hesitation.

Jeremy N.

Called to make a reservation, was greeted by an amazingly friendly customer service representative.  She found me the car I wanted for the weekdays I needed the car for at a great deal compared to other car rental agencies around my area. 


S.D. Exotics is committed to providing its customers with everything they’re looking for, which of course includes a sweet ride.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly below!


The S.D. Exotics team are experience-backed automotive enthusiasts whose passion and collective efforts ensure that all of our cars are in the best shape mechanically and cosmetically at all times for the ultimate driving experience.


Our customers’ satisfaction stems from those moments that make them feel special. Many customers enjoy different styles of driving as it adds a personal touch to their overall experience. Book a car that's right for you and your style  today!

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