1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

(Due to the rarity of these vehicles, driving is restricted to S.D. Exotic Team Members only.)

About this car

Throughout its history, Ferrari has made cars for a variety of reasons - to win races, to outdo its competitors, or to simply show off. The Dino however, is a unique "Passion Project." Named after Enzo Ferrari's son, Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari, who died in 1956 due to muscular dystrophy at the age of 24, the Dino is part tribute and part experiment, making a variety of firsts for the famed Italian sports car maker. However, for the first eight years it was in production, the Dino was separated from the core Ferrari brand, offering a lower entry fee paired with a V6 (and later, V8) engine mounted in the middle of the chassis. 

Arguably one of the greatest (if not the greatest motivation) behind the Dino's creation was Ferrari's ambition to make something that could take on the venerable Porsche 911. While the prancing horse's V12 models were faster overall, they were also significantly more expensive, so the Dino was put forth as a way of pulling in the enthusiasts looking for an alternative to Stuttgart's darling.

The result of all these pressures is unquestionably one of the greatest Ferrari collector models of all time - even though it's not really a Ferrari.


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