1988 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

About this car

If you lust after a 911, you don't need to be told why. There's no sound quite like that whirring, six-cylinder hair dryer living just aft of the rear axle. A shape so pure and simple that can only be described by one word, "Purist." There are few cars that have been as successful on racetracks around the world. Porsche's venerable icon is one of perhaps a dozen designs that, more than anything, simple says "sports car."

As with man Porsche's over the years, one of the Carrera's most endearing aspects is its superb build quality. Every fitting, the stitching on the seats, the smoothness of the paint, the instrument clusters, the drum-tightness of the body structure, the materials employed - everything smacks of quality.

A true pioneer that shaped the way modern sports cars are looked at. With its timeless design and build quality, the Porsche 911 Cabriolet is a true enthusiast's car.

Rental Rate (2 day minimum):

Daily Rental $150. (24 hrs) - Includes 100 Miles (Each additional mile over 100 miles - $1 per mile)

10% Discount for multi day rental after minimum 2 day rental