Jeep Wrangler JL

About this car

Wranglers have always been unapologetic and brutal in their design, and the JL is no different. Spotting the differences between a JL and the older JK can be tricky. The most obvious giveaways are the slight variances in the taillights and the button-less door handles, however, the raked windshield, grille, and higher belt-line are also dead giveaways. Apart from those minor design tweaks, the JL maintains the structural DNA of past Wranglers, to the delight of Jeep purists around the world.

It's easy to appreciate the Wrangler's new, much more modern interior. The optional 8.4-inch Uconnect entertainment system grabs your attention before all else. Considering that Wrangler owners will likely get this interior dusty, dirty, muddy, wet, sandy, or some combination of all those at once, it is fairly well appointed and ready to handle whatever you throw at it, while still being durable of course.


Rental Rate (2 day minimum):

Daily Rental $120. (24 hrs) - Includes 100 Miles (Each additional mile over 100 miles - $1 per mile)

10% Discount for multi day rental after minimum 2 day rental