1971 Volkswagen Bus

About this car

By the era of the 1969-1971 Volkswagen Bus, VW's lovable, adaptable rear-engine box had become an icon on America's highways, driveways, beaches, and most popular music events. 

The Volkswagen Bus had gained acceptance among suburban families, car poolers, and of course, counterculture types. The nine-passenger-carrying Station Wagon model of the VW Bus had long been a favorite of the young and young-at-heart, and "hippy" demographics. The Bus became a blank canvas open for new possibilities, adventures, and creative freedoms. The majority of the "hippy vans" were painted up in psychedelic designs as a fixture of the 1960s. 

No other car gives you a rushing sense of nirvana to old times than an iconic Volkswagen Bus. 

Rental Rate (2 day minimum):

Daily Rental $150 (24 hrs) - Includes 100 Miles (Each additional mile over 100 miles - $1 per mile)

10% Discount for multi day rental after minimum 2 day rental